DRAGMA Red Sweet Vermouth

with a pinch of thistle and Cretan oregano


A distinctive combination of dry red wine, Cabernet Franc 2018 (produced by renowned family winemaker Zoltán Günzer in the Villány region of Hungary), blended with a special mix of natural spices and wild herbs, many of which come from the virgin lands of the Białowieża Forest. It’s finished with perfectly balanced spirytus from Pomerania.



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0,7L bottle of DRAGMA red sweet vermouth 16.1% vol.


The recipe for DRAGMA Red includes wormwood, star anise, coriander, iris, sweet flag grass, lemon peel, European wild ginger, cinnamon, cloves, mandarin peel, thistle and Cretan oregano. 


How to drink DRAGMA?

In a wine glass (this way allows you to enjoy the taste and aroma to the full).

On ice

With a pinch of freshly ground pepper – the spiciness of pepper emphasizes the taste, and at the same time perfectly harmonizes with gastric juices, affecting digestion and appetite

With a slice of orange – to bring out the sweetness of vermouth

With a slice of lemon – for more freshness and acidity

With a slice of grapefruit – for more bitter taste

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