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Oscar Wilde

You shouldn’t overdo anything, especially denying yourself good things. In case of doubt, yes this is a good thing.



20 ml DRAGMA Vermouth Red Sweet

25 ml dark rum

20 ml Amaro Montenegro

5 ml black pepper tincture

5 ml black pepper tincture

10 g freshly ground pepper
200 ml vodka
Grind peppercorns into a jar and then pour vodka over them. Seal the jar and leave at room temperature for 24 hours. Strain through the cheesecloth and then store in a sealed jar in the fridge.

Dried orange slice

Freshly ground pepper


Old Fashioned or rEvolution glass by Jakobsen


How to mix it

Make it as Negroni:

Add all ingredients into a mixing glass filled with ice.

Stir until well chilled, then strain into a rocks glass filled with a large ice cube.

Garnish with a dried orange slice and freshly ground pepper.

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