A pinch of defiance. It’s what spices up life. It’s what inspires great inventions, discoveries and adventures.


DRAGMA was created as an act of defiance – a celebration of the liberating and creative forces that defiance breeds.


Polish artisanal vintage vermouth?! Is that even possible? 


With the seed of a daring idea sown, the rest was just a matter of time.

A pinch of history

In the 16th century, regulations were introduced in Poland to prevent wine counterfeiting, thus prohibiting the addition of herbs, spirits and other ingredients. Fortunately, we have defiance in our blood – sometimes just a pinch of it is enough to break the rules and create something special.


Today,  in the spirit of our defiant ancestors, we have created DRAGMA, the first Polish artisanal vermouth of our time.


Let defiance flow in our veins again!

DRAGMA in cocktails

Master mixologists, Manos and Tomek, didn’t have to let their imaginations run wild – they were never anything but wild.


Discover their defiant compositions, inspired by DRAGMA.