A pinch of defiance. It’s what spices up life. It’s what inspires great inventions, discoveries and adventures.


DRAGMA was created as an act of defiance – a celebration of the liberating and creative forces that defiance breeds.


Polish artisanal vintage vermouth?! Is that even possible?


With the seed of a daring idea sown, the rest was just a matter of time.


Time. Time needed to gather a group of gifted eccentrics around this daring idea (luckily, persuading them to cooperate was not a problem – defiant characters understand each other without words). And then, with their participation, time to create extraordinary recipes and to select the best ingredients.


This is how the spirit of DRAGMA came to be.



2022 collection


Our debut offerings bring together three key elements:


Outstanding vintage wines from Hungarian family winemakers, recognized icons and legends of their regions: János Árvay from Tokaj, and Zoltán Günzer from Villány.


Wild, natural herbs and spices, many of which (coriander, sweet flag grass, European wild ginger, cloves and liquorice) are carefully collected from the virgin region around the Białowieża Primeval Forest – Europe’s largest and oldest forest.


A few drops of perfectly composed Pomeranian spirytus (rectified spirit), with an alluringly mild aroma and 94% strength, are used to tease out and enhance the unique characteristics of the wine and spices.


DRAGMA 2022 – two vermouths, two contrasting compositions, one unique character!


DRAGMA Red Sweet Vermouth

with a pinch of liquorice and Cretan oregano

Colour: a mesmerizing, deep crimson shade

Nose: Cretan oregano with wormwood and sweet red fruits in the background

Mouth: Full, smooth, well-balanced between bitter herbal flavour and sweetness, well-structured, oily, alcohol noticeable only at the finish, long sweet finish

Tasting notes: sweet red fruits, oregano, wormwood

DRAGMA White Vermouth Extra Dry

with a pinch of sweet flag grass and wild orange

Colour: deep, clear, shades of gold and light amber

Nose: Intense, honey grass aromas

Mouth: Full, smooth, well-balanced alcohol with acidity and sweetness with a bitter aftertaste, delicate tannins, oily, very long balanced finish

Tasting notes: Citrus, tropical fruit, grassy notes